The Perfect Water
Storage System



  • Holds 3.5 Gallons of Water, Dry Foods, or Ammo
  • Stackable to Maximize Storage Capacity
  • Easy-Grip Design Makes it Easy to Carry
  • Virtually Indestructible!

The WaterBrick is a revolutionary water storage system! Say goodbye to shelves full of one gallon jugs that leak and take up tons of precious space forever. WaterBricks are your solution - they're sturdy, will not leak and are designed so you can stack and store them anywhere you need.

"Must Have"
Water Storage System...

The WaterBrick is more than just a water storage container. You can also use the WaterBrick to safely store foods like rice, beans, wheat, or anything you want to keep safe and dry. And it has plenty of emergency preparedness and camping uses, including:

  • The Perfect Water Storage System - Interlocking design allows you to safely stack WaterBricks 4 feet high.
  • Store Dry Foods & Important Documents - The airtight, waterproof container keeps items safe during floods or storms.
  • Great For Camping - The thin design and comfortable easy-grip allows you to comfortably walk with 2 bricks.
  • Use to Weigh Down Car/Truck - Just add water, sand or salt and use to weigh down the back of a rear-wheel car or truck.
  • Back Up Ice/Cooling - Keep food cool longer during a blackout by keeping a frozen brick in the refrigerator. Then drink the water once thawed out.

Product Specifics

WaterBricks are stackable and make emergency water storage challenges a thing of the past. Easy to conceal under a bed or furniture, you no longer have to worry about plastic water jugs being damaged or leaking.

  • Stores 3.5 Gallons Of Water, Food, Etc.
  • Comfortable Easy-Grip Carrying Handle
  • Waterproof Storage Of Dry Goods Or Documents
  • Virtually Indestructible, Use For Decades
  • Stackable And Interlock For Stabiity
  • Can Stack Up To 4 Feet High
  • Easy To Secure In Transit
  • Can Withstand Temperatures Up To 230° F 
  • Weight: 2.3 Pounds (Empty)
  • Dimensions: 9" x 18" x 6" 
  • Made From BPA-Free HDPE Plastic 
  • FDA Approved
  • Cannot Be Used To Store Flammable Liquids
  • Made In The USA

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Screw On WaterBrick Spigot

  • - Easily pour any liquid
  • - Ventless spigot design
  • - Removable and reusable
  • - Tightens easily by hand


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