The Crazy Reason Why This "Tesla Lighter"
Is Making Other Fire Starters Obsolete

Fuel Free - Flame Free - Smoke Free
Twin Engine "Tesla Lighter"

The inspiration for this product began almost a century ago when a brilliant "mad scientist" named Nikola Tesla developed a simple means for producing free energy on demand.

Consumed with thoughts of providing the world with free energy, Tesla developed dozens of inventions that would help people break away from relying on costly fuels.

The only problem for Tesla was that powerful people in control of billion dollar companies worked tirelessly for decades to keep those plans suppressed.

The good news is some of Tesla's plans have slowly been leaked over the years. Even better for you is we've obtained access to one of Tesla's most brilliant designs...

And from those plans we've helped create the world's first fuel-free, flame-free, smoke-free lighter...

With this new lighter you'll never need to pay for another disposable lighter, never buy matches, and never purchase fuel again!

Introducing the first ever Twin Engine "Tesla Lighter"!

  • Produces NO Flames!
  • Makes NO Smoke!
  • Uses NO Fuel!
  • Works When Wet!
  • Is 100% Windproof!

And more!

Starting a fire without flame or smoke... sounds impossible, right?

Well thanks to some brilliant "mad scientists" putting brand new technology into the Twin Engine Tesla Lighter it's not!

Before you learn the "secret ingredients" that makes the Twin Engine Tesla Lighter so revolutionary there are a few other important things to know about this lighter.

First off this amazing lighter is as light as a feather.

Since it's made from the same aluminum used to manufacture fighter jets the Twin Engine Tesla Lighter can barely be felt, whether in your pocket or your survival kit.  

The "Twin Engine" Tesla Lighter is unlike any other fire starter you've ever seen before.

And we mean that.

What's so different about this lighter you might ask?

Well for the first time ever you can start a roaring fire in a matter of seconds with a lighter that...

Compared to other fire starters, the Twin Engine Tesla Lighter actually weighs less than most.

Another thing about this lighter that makes it superior to other fire starters?

It's incredibly easy to use.

Because it doesn't produce a lick of flame you don't have to deal with pesky childproofing elements so many other lighter have.

Plus this lighter lights flawlessly each and every single time you press it's oversized button. Try getting that with matches or strike style fire starters that can take forever to light.

These features alone make it perfect for survival situations as well as general, everyday use.

And now it's time the best part about this lighter is revealed...

USB to Micro USB Charging Cord Included

Revealed At Last!
Exactly How The "Tesla Lighter" Works

Wondering why the new Tesla Lighter is called the "Twin Engine" survival lighter?

The answer is both simple and amazing.

The secret ingredient behind this amazing lighter's incredible fire starting ability?

It uses tiny amounts of electricity to produce 2 blazing hot plasma arcs to start fire on demand!

It's this advanced technology that makes it so you can use the Tesla Lighter in any circumstance imaginable!

Because it's powered by electricity the lighter is so easy to use it's almost hard to believe.

Just flip the top and press the big, fat button on the side and the twin plasma arcs fire immediately. From there touch them to whatever you want lit and you'll have a blazing hot inferno in no time.

Seriously, it's that simple.

Plus charging it is super easy too... just plug in the included USB charging power cord into any source of power and you'll have plenty of juice for hundreds of fires.

You can use almost any source of power, seriously! Doesn't matter if it's plugged into a wall outlet at home or a tiny portable solar charger, your lighter will charge in a flash. No annoying fuel canisters to mess with, no messy wicks to change, just plug it in and go!

Not to mention because the lighter only uses a small amount of electricity to get a fire going it's incredibly safe too. Never worry about it exploding if dropped or accidentally lighting when closed (the lighter can't light when closed) either.

Think that's pretty cool?

Well you ain't seen the half of it!

Check out 5 more incredible reasons the Twin Engine Tesla Survival Lighter is the best survival lighter for everyone!

5 Amazing Reasons You'll Love Your New Lighter!

Once your Tesla Survival Lighter arrives and you start to use it you'll immediately see why it's one of the coolest, most effective survival tools on the planet.

  • Incredible Weatherproof Design: Since it's 100% windproof and extremely water resistant you can use the Tesla Survival Lighter in almost any circumstance. Laugh at mother nature knowing your Tesla Lighter will give you fire no matter what she throws at you!
  • Long-Lasting: Because it uses no fuel and runs entirely on electricity the Tesla Lighter can be expected to last a long, long, long time. Not to mention the tough, military grade exterior makes it nearly indestructible so it'll withstand tons of abuse.
  • Light
  • Compact & Lightweight: The Tesla Lighter is incredibly compact at just 3" x 1.5" x 0.5". Plus it's super light, weighing a measly 3 ounces. This means you can carry it with you and you'll barely even notice it. Way better than bulkier, heavier fire starting alternatives, that's for sure!
  • Simple to Use: In a survival situation you don't have time to mess with complicated survival tools. The good news is with the press of a button the Tesla Survival Lighter will give you a raging fire, making it
    the perfect fire starter for people who love anything easy!
  • Light
  • Smoke & Flame Free: In a survival situation you might want to keep a low profile. This is easily accomplished since the Tesla Survival Lighter produces neither. Not to mention because it doesn't use toxic fuels or flame it's also safer for you and better for your health!

Pretty amazing, right?

That's why the brand new Tesla Lighter is being called one of the best new survival inventions!

The bottom line is if you really want to be prepared then you need a dependable fire starter.

Because the Tesla Lighter outperforms all the other fire starters out there it's the clear choice as the preferred lighter for countless survivalists nationwide.

Of course we think the Tesla Fire Starter is great... but don't just take our word for it...


See Why Others Love Their Twin Engine Survival Lighter

"Love This Lighter"

J. McCloudon

"This lighter is the coolest thing I have seen in a long time, It works great...just love the technology. It can be recharged over and over again, No more fuel to buy. It has a small purple plasma beam that works great..."

"Coolest Lighter Ever!"

Paul S.

"Such a super, super, super cool lighter. It really does draw attention when you use it!"

"Great Little Lighter"

G. Brocketton

"I appreciate that I do not have to use fuel for this lighter. That is the usual problem I have with them, I run out of fuel at the worst times...It easily lights a candle or cigarette without a problem..."

"You Will Never Buy Another Lighter Again!"

Brent C.

"Bought two of these. One for me and one for my wife... built very well... high quality... you will never need to buy another lighter again..Unless of course someone takes it. :)"

"Great Wind and Weather Proof Lighter"

James L.

"This is a unique and very useful lighter... It charges quickly and holds the charge for a few days to over a week... it works great and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a wind and weather proof lighter."

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  • How to know if your local power station is at risk. Learning these 6 obvious signs will clue you in to an immediate risk. We show you how to identify them so you can get prepared for a Mega-Blackout.
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