Everything You Need To Escape the Jaws Of Death
Is Inside This Little Green Survival Kit...

Tact Mini Survival Kit

Navy SEALS Recommend Them To Fight This Unseen Killer
Will You Follow Their Advice?

As you read this, you’re at risk of being killed by an unseen killer.

Curious what it is?

The threat of a natural or manmade disaster ending your life.

Truth is, this unseen killer is so deadly the U.S. government has spent BILLIONS preparing for it.

Fortunately for you it’s actually quite simple to prepare for this threat.

According to Navy SEALS the best way to prepare is by building a survival kit.

The reason they recommend them is because survival kits come loaded with the tools you need to survive almost any disaster.

Sadly, most Americans haven’t made a survival kit.

And honestly, there are some good reasons for that.

  • Some people don’t have Navy SEAL knowledge about what to put in a kit.
  • Others can’t afford to spend $100+ on all the gear needed to build one.
  • Still others never make one simply because it just stays on the backburner.

Whatever the reason, the fact is without a survival kit you’re less prepared and more likely to die in a crisis.

If you’re reading this and don’t own a survival kit you absolutely must get one today.

You know you should be prepared for the worst...and really, why wouldn’t you get a survival kit?

Especially when it’s as simple as getting this little Green Bag which has everything you need to survive a crisis tucked inside.

$116 Retail Value - TODAY Only $49.97!

The Incredible Ways This Tiny Green Bag Will Save Your Life

When you think of major crises that’ll end your life you probably think of things like an ISIS dirty bomb or an Ebola outbreak.

And while this little Green Bag could help save you from those “Unseen Killers? that’s not the #1 reason you need it.

The simple reason you really need this Green Bag is because it’ll keep you protected from the common and unpredictable disasters that kill thousands of Americans just like you every single year.

The Green Bag you see on your right is called the Tact Mini Survival Kit.

Stuffed inside this tiny bag are all the tools you’d ever need to survive most life-ending crises.

The Tact Mini Survival Kit is one of the most advanced and most affordable survival kits on Earth.

Chock full of tools expert survivalists carry with them daily.

$116 Retail Value - TODAY Only $49.97!

Created Especially For You
By The World’s Largest Survival Company

Created by Survival Frog, the world’s largest online survival and camping experts, the Tact Mini Survival Kit gives you the exact tools needed to survive the disasters you’re most likely to face.

...the kinds of disasters you read about in the newspaper everyday.

Because it already comes pre-packed with the tools you need, using the Tact Mini Survival Kit to save your life isn’t that hard.

As long as it’s close by, the Tact Mini Survival Kit will save you from...

  • A night stranded in your car on a frozen highway...
  • Becoming lost in the woods on a camping trip...
  • Getting stranded in the wilderness after a plane crash...
  • Suffering through week long wintertime power outages...
  • Falling in your home with no one around...
  • Getting caught in the middle of a mob or a riot...

And much, much more!

Wondering how it all works?

Take a look and we’ll show you exactly how it can save your life.

The Tact Mini Survival Kit Has 8 Tools
All Proven To Help Save Your Life

Inside of the Tact Mini Survival Kit are all the tools you need to survive most disasters.

These tools will protect you in a variety of dangerous situations.

Every single tool in this kit has already been used to save someone’s life.

So by making the smart choice to get these tools for yourself you’re instantly increasing your odds of surviving a SHTF scenario.

See all the tools you get in the Tact Mini Survival Kit below.

1 - The Tact Bivvy (Retail value $24.99): The Tact Bivvy Emergency Sleeping Bag protects you from nature’s #1 killer: exposure to the elements.
Only 3.2oz in weight, the Tact Bivvy is waterproof, windproof, and reflects 90% of your body’s heat back to you; keeping you warm in the worst weather.

2- Smokeless Pocket Stove (Retail value $24.99): Weighing just 3.8oz this rugged, aircraft grade aluminum stove will help keep you fed and hydrated in a crisis. The Smokeless Pocket Stove comes with 6 smoke-free fuel tablets which store inside, so you can cook up a meal or boil water and avoid detection.

3 - The Camp Cup (Retail value $19.99): Made of solid stainless steel and weighing just 6.9oz the camp cup holds close to 1 liter of water, (690 ml) and will help you cook a meal or boil water in mere minutes.
With a built in silicone wrapped handle for easy handling, the camp cup is an absolute must for surviving a crisis.

4 - The Tact Flashlight (Retail value $19.99): This powerful flashlight weighs just 2.7oz and guarantees darkness won’t be a problem in a crisis.
Blasting out an incredibly bright 150 lumens up to 400 feet (and visible from a plane), this flashlight will turn night into day in an instant.

5 - Stormproof matches (Retail value $5.99): Windproof, waterproof, and packed inside a storm-tight container, these matches will always be there when you need them.

6 - Spork (Retail value $14.99): Made from industrial-grade stainless steel, and weighing only 1.9 oz, the spork (spoon/fork) is more than just a survival utensil.
Equipped with several tools (10mm hex wrench, 8mm hex wrench, 6mm hex wrench, bottle opener, and flat head screwdriver) the spork will help make a disaster far more survivable.

7 - Micro Scream Whistle (Retail value $5.99): Every year countless people die in situations even though help is right there next to them. Falling in homes, stranded in ditches, you get the idea.
The ultra-loud and ultra-loud scream whistle guarantees that’ll never be your problem. Just puff on the whistle and it creates a piercing 100 decibel shriek people can hear from anywhere.

8 - PLUS Get a FREE P-38 Can Opener

Now here’s the craziest thing about all that gear.

Every single tool you see right there comes wrapped inside this tiny green bag.

And that bag is so small it’ll fit just about anywhere.

In your glove box, in a backpack...heck it’s so small it would fit in a purse with ZERO problems.

Because it’s so small and because all of the gear has been proven to save a life you will absolutely love the peace of mind it gives you.

$116 Retail Value - TODAY Only $49.97!

Here’s Why Everyone Loves the Gear Inside
The Tact Mini Survival Kit

All the gear included inside is a big hit with preppers who know what’s an absolute must have in a survival kit.

See what they have to say about this incredible gear.

"My Tact Bivvy Is Small But Mighty!"

Linda O. Verified Reviewer

"The TACT Bivvy sleeping bag is very lightweight and compact but will keep you very warm and could save your life if caught in a snow storm. Small enough to carry in your glove box or backpack."

"The Tact Bivvy Is Exactly What I Needed!"

Terry G. Verified Reviewer

"The TACT Bivvy is exactly what I needed for my BOB. It's lightweight and compact. Perfect for it's intended purpose. I am a large man (6'5") so I needed something large enough to fit me in case of the need to use it. Will be buying more for our grown children and their families."

"I Love This Little Stove!"

Susanne M. Verified Reviewer

"I love this little stove. The size, it will fit in a back pocket, a side pocket in cargo pants or shorts, a jacket pocket, and will take up very little room in my backpack and/or my bug out bag. I also like that it's lightweight and has two settings for different size cook pots. Very sturdily made of metal, I know it's going to last"

"A True Pocket Stove"

Joan C. Verified Reviewer

"When I got the package and opened it, I thought, "Why this is just a toy!" But then I took it out and set it up and I was really impressed with what you have done with such a small package. It is neat, easy to use, and quickly set up for use. And the fuel is impressive also--fits inside the stove for carrying, and works like a charm."

"Love My Spork!"

Kim A. Verified Reviewer

"I love the Spork and all its 6 multi purpose tools! Great for my BOB! Has a carabiner to be attached to your BOB, bottle opener is a must as well as the screwdriver/pry tip! SURVIVAL FROG offers the best tools and accessories for when the SHTF!! A must have for all!"

"The Camp Cup Is The Perfect Size!"

Ann R. Verified Reviewer

"Larger than I imagined... the perfect size to cook single serving survival foods (kit foods). Love it.... sufficient size to quench your thirst ! Thanks Survival Frog :)"

And those reviews are just a handful of 100s on the products included in the Tact Mini Survival Kit.

Hundreds of people just like you have already paid FULL-VALUE to put these items in their survival kits.

But because you’re reading this you qualify for a very special deal...

A deal you can’t get anywhere else!

$116 Retail Value - TODAY Only $49.97!

For A Crazy Discount
Will You Test Out the Tact Mini Survival Kit?

Can we make a confession?

Even though the Tact Mini Survival Kit is hands down one of the simplest and most effective ways to prepare for disasters there’s one big problem with it...

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We’re plan on selling them in just a few months.

But before we do that, we want to offer you a chance to beta-test the survival kit for a crazy discount.

The total value of all the items that come with the Tact Mini Survival Kit is $116.93.

Kind of pricey when you buy every single tool by itself.

But because we’re hoping to get feedback on the Tact Mini Survival Kit before it’s released online we’re slashing the value on the kit.

On this page, and this page only, we’re prepared to give you $66.94 OFF the normal value.

By beta-testing the Tact Mini Survival Kit you won’t pay $116.93.

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That’s an amazing value when you think of how desperately you need a survival kit.

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Hold On!
Beta Testers Also Get This FREE Bonus Gear

As an added incentive to have you beta-test the Tact Mini Survival Kit we’ll also include these pieces of survival gear with your order for FREE!

Not only will you get 1 FREE compass with every Tact Mini Survival Kit your order.

When you buy 2 kits, we’ll give you 1 Tact Tube Tent for FREE!

Buy 4 kits for you and your family and we’ll give you 2 tents FREE!

These tents are a great first line of defense against terrible weather and will make disaster survival that much easier!

Hurry up and order now!

Beta-tests spots will go fast!

$116 Retail Value - TODAY Only $49.97!

What Happens If You’re Not 100% Satisfied?

We’re 100% confident you’re going to be thrilled with your Tact Mini Survival Kit.

After all, you know how important it is to have a survival kit. And because the Tact Mini Survival Kit has everything you need at a value you can’t beat we know you’ll love yours.

But let’s just say the shade of green doesn’t suit you. Or maybe it doesn’t fit in your glove box or backpack like you hoped...does that mean you’re stuck with it?

Absolutely not!

Your order and your hard-earned money is protected with our 100% with our “Extra American Guarantee.?

If for ANY reason you are not completely satisfied with your Tact Mini Survival kit and FREE bonus tools just send us an email any time in the next 6 months for a full, prompt refund.

That’s all it takes to get your money back.

Plus, all items are protected with our generous 3-year warranty. If an item breaks or is damaged in any way, send it back to us and we’ll replace it for FREE!

Sound fair?

To get everything Right Now just press the Big Orange Button.

$116 Retail Value - TODAY Only $49.97!

But Wait, There’s More!

Because we care about your ability to survive in a crisis we’re going to throw in these 2 bonuses for FREE too!

Normally valued at $59.96, these bonuses are available to you today for instant download.

Stuffed full of survival info, these downloadable Ebooks have hundreds of pages of info that is guaranteed to increase your odds of survival.

Take a look at what you’ll be getting with your Tact Mini Survival Kit!

Bonus #1 – Ultimate Survival Blueprint – Normally $29.97

An incredible resource; teaches you some of the most important information to help you prepare for crisis way before it happens.


  • The exact items needed for your go-bag (and what you should never, ever put inside it).
  • How to prepare your automobile for a crisis. It might not work unless you see this.
  • Crazy and affordable ways to generate FREE energy in a blackout. These can even be used now to save tons, and tons of money!
  • How to communicate during crisis. Cell phones might not work but these methods will.
  • The most effective way to organize your family emergency plans. Without this you might want to start picking out gravestones and much, much more!

Bonus #2 – Sold Out After Crisis – Normally $29.97

With more than 250,000 copies sold, this is the “Bible of Survival.?


  • The first food item that will fly off the shelf, (obviously it’s impossible to survive without this) so I’ll tell you exactly where to get it before the general public – and how to store it securely...
  • How to practically “smell? a disaster coming, and how to lockdown your supplies or get anything you’re low on before the mob goes crazy...
  • Keep your family from being attacked and robbed by buying these items before they’re “on the radar? and much, much more.

What are you waiting for?

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