Survival Backup Power From Your Wallet?

Tact Mini Survival Kit

This Simple Silver Card Could Save Your Life

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Introducing The "Famous Physicist" PowerCard

A CRAZY COOL Power Bank With Special Survival Features

The PowerCard is a simple survival tool with a noble purpose…to give you long-lasting power when you're miles away from a charger.

At first glance you'd think the PowerCard is a credit card on steroids.

Truth is it's actually much, much more.

Now the interesting thing about the PowerCard, and what makes it so cool, is the technology packed inside.

Originally invented by a famous physicist named John B. Goodenough…

When the technology made it out of the lab for the first time, Goodenough was clueless about the future of his creation.

In particular, he was clueless that his invention would eventually become one of the most sought after pieces of survival gear on the planet.

Wondering what this technology is and why it's so darn useful for survivalists?

Let us show you.

Impossible Just A Few Years Ago

Here's What Makes The PowerCard A TRUE Survival Tool

The #1 thing that sets the PowerCard on a survival tool pedestal is its special battery.

You see, the PowerCard uses a redesigned, state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery for on-demand backup power.

At one time it was next to impossible to get your hands on these batteries.

But because they're so special people were practically foaming at the mouth to get them!

Why, what makes this kind of battery so special?

1 - They Charge With Blazing Speed!

These cutting edge lithium-ion batteries are a survivalist's best friend because they charge at ridiculous speeds.

But it's also extremely handy in day-to-day life.

You can see how useful that'd be in an emergency when you need to charge your PowerCard while on the go…

By taking your PowerCard with you in a purse or wallet you're guaranteed to always have extra power to keep your phone and other electronics ready to go when you need them.

And since they charge so fast there's no waiting around to get your PowerCard charged and ready to go!!

2 - They Charge Other Electronics As Fast as Lightning

The PowerCard's lithium-ion battery is regulated at 5v-1a of power transfer.

If you're not an electrician here's what that means for you.

The PowerCard's power supply matches up perfectly with most modern electronic devices for rapid charging.

Simply plug one end of the charging cord into the PowerCard… the other into your device… and sit back while it rapidly brings the dead battery alive!

In just a few minutes, you can get more than enough to call 911 or a loved one in an emergency.

3 - They're As Light As A Feather

Probably the best part about these batteries is how light they are.

Consider this.

The entire PowerCard you see on this page is about as big as 10 playing cards stacked on top of each other.

And it only weighs 2.3oz… that's the weight of 10 quarters.

The PowerCard is so light that once you slide it into your billfold or hand bag you'll never know it's inside.

As you know, in a survival situation lighter is always better. The less something weighs… the easier it is to carry and the less it'll bother you.

And of course, for daily use the supreme lightness of the PowerCard will be a huge blessing.

No matter where you go with the PowerCard, you'll always have backup power available for instant charging of your valuable electronics!

But because it's so light… you'll forget it's there until the moment you need it.

And that's just the battery we're talking about!!!

Check out all the other reasons the PowerCard is a workhouse survival tool you can trust your life with.

6 Reasons Everyone Should Carry the PowerCard

Once the PowerCard arrives at your home you'll notice a few things about your new backup power supply.

  • It's Incredibly Easy To Use: In a crisis situation… complicated kills. Fortunately, the PowerCard is incredibly easy to use. To charge, simply plug one end of the charging cord into a power source and the other end into the PowerCard itself. Then, to power another device, simply hook the PowerCard up to the device you want to charge and you're done!

  • It's Dang Tough: We've tightly sealed all the connection points of the PowerCard to keep dirt and moisture out. The solid aluminum casing resists being dropped, crushed and shaken. Plus all the electronics inside have been firmly fused together to help guarantee that even if your PowerCard goes through the ringer, it'll come out good as new.

  • Compatible with Apple Devices and charging cords. *Apple compatible cord not included.
  • It'll Charge Just About Anything: Look, the odds are you don't just have one electronic device the PowerCard could charge… you have many. The good news is that as long as the device you want to charge has a USB based charging cord the PowerCard can give it juice!

  • It's Ridiculously Powerful: Even though it's tiny, the PowerCard is powerful. Inside of the PowerCard is a 2,000 mAh lithium-ion battery. This battery has more than enough power to give your cellphone, tablet, or GPS device a boost of power so you can make that emergency call… or play more games.

  • It's Ultra Portable: The PowerCard is one of the smallest survival tools on the planet. Just 2.3 oz and 3.8" x 2.4" x .2" the PowerCard will fit in in any bug out bag or survival kit… no matter how full they are.

  • Solar Power Compatible For Civilization Free Charging: The PowerCard wouldn't be a true survival tool unless it could be powered by the sun. Thanks to advances in technology the PowerCard can be hooked up to a variety of portable solar chargers for quick charging… even when you're millions of miles from a charger!

Pretty incredible, right?

That's why this seemingly innocent credit card battery is making its way into more and more survival kits.

The bottom line is keeping the PowerCard in your wallet, purse, or survival kit could help save you life.

Not to mention it's also great for when you're out on errands and need a quick battery boost.

Now if you've read this far it's obvious you're probably interested in getting a PowerCard or two for yourself.

Good news is you're about to see how you can get one at an incredible price!

Think the PowerCard Is Cool?

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Everything about the PowerCard is cool.

Heck, a famous physicist was involved in its creation, how cool is that?!

Whether it's the sleek, brushed aluminum…

The ultra-powerful and fast charging battery…

Or the fact it's got enough to charge valuable electronics in the blink-of-an-eye.

Because the PowerCard is so cool AND fits an advanced battery in such a small package you'd think it would cost a ton.

Other companies charge as much $49.97 for similar backup power packs.

The good news is you won't pay that much to get your PowerCard.

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We Promise You'll Love Your PowerCard
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Because the PowerCard is so small and gives you dependable backup power everywhere you go we know you'll love it.

However, if for any reason you're not satisfied with your purchase of your PowerCard, your hard earned money's protected with our 100% money back "Ultra American Guarantee."

Meaning…if you decide your PowerCard isn't something you want to keep simply send us an email any time in the next 6 months for a full, prompt refund.

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