Weird 2 oz. “Survival Tube" Won TIME Magazine’s

“Invention Of The Year"


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You’re smart. You know how important clean, safe drinking water is for survival.

And while dirty water might not be a problem for you now, if SHTF it’ll become your #1 problem in about 60 minutes.

If a major crisis hits (it doesn’t matter what kind) access to clean drinking sources are almost guaranteed to be wiped out.

Beware - 10,000 people die every single day because of drinking dirty water.

So you can imagine how many more people dirty water will kill in a crisis.


Crazy thing is many people make the mistake of thinking they’re protected because they’ve got water storage.

News Flash - Depending only on water storage to keep you alive in a crisis is a HUGE mistake.

That’s because if you’re ever forced to bug out there’s no way you can take that water with you.

You can try... but since 1 gallon weighs 9 pounds and will only last one day it means you’re going to need another way to get clean drinking water.

So what are you supposed to do? How are you supposed to prepare for a crisis so dirty water is never a problem?

The solution is simple!

Add TIME Magazine’s “Invention Of The Year" to your bug out bag or survival kit.

Introducing The LifeStraw
The World’s Only Water Filter to Win TIME’s
“Invention Of The Year"

In the past few years millions of people have used LifeStraws.

That’s because the LifeStraw is proven to help save lives.

There isn’t just one reason the LifeStraw won TIME Magazine’s invention of the year award.

But the fact it’s one of the most compact, most powerful, and most effective water filters ever invented certainly helped.

And while the TIME Magazine invention of the year award is an awesome claim to fame the LifeStraw is much better than just 1 award.

Truth is, the LifeStraw is so incredible it’s received multiple accolades from major companies including: The New York Times, Reader’s Digest, Forbes Magazine and more.

Cleans 260 gallons = 1 year of water for an adult

Once you see all the reasons it won these awards your mind will be blown.

One of the top reasons the LifeStraw has won so many awards is because of how lightweight it is.

Unlike other water filters and purifiers (which can weigh as much as a pound or more), the LifeStraw only weighs 2 oz.

Meaning, you can carry it for thousands of miles without its weight exhausting you.

Another reason they loved it is because it’s so small. At 9 inches in length and 1 inch in diameter the tube is both compact and slim.

Slide it in your bag and you’ll have plenty of room for other gear.

Plus, it’s incredibly durable. Made from shatter-resistant, BPA-free plastic you can safely use the LifeStraw in a variety of circumstances without fear of it breaking.

This makes it perfect for survival situations as well as for fun-times outdoors with family and friends.

Of course, those aren’t the only reasons the LifeStraw is so amazing.

There are actually quite a few more!

Holy Cow! - The LifeStraw Really Does All This Too??


You might think that because the LifeStraw is ultra-light, super-compact, and incredibly-durable that’s all it has going for it.

Think again.

The real reason the LifeStraw is a slam dunk for survival is because of how powerful it is.

The #1 reason TIME Magazine gave it their coveted award is because of how effective it is at turning dirty water into safe water to drink.

Once you see how powerful it is you’ll realize they were 100% correct when they said the LifeStraw would save millions of lives.

The LifeStraw’s chemical free filter removes 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria like E. Coli & Cholera along with 99.9% of waterborne parasites like Giardia & Cryptosporidium.

That means you can use it in almost any circumstance to get clean drinking water.

So dip it in a stream, use it in a lake, take it to a pond, and you’ll be able to drink with confidence knowing your LifeStraw is getting rid of microscopic killers.

And while the LifeStraw is super powerful...what’s even crazier is how long it will last.

One LifeStraw will safely filter 264 gallons (1,000 liters) of water.

Which means you could use your LifeStraw every single day for an entire year and never once worry about the water you drink.

It also has an unlimited shelf-life. So buy it today and use if 100 years from now if needed.

Guess what else….Not only will this tiny filter banish health-wrecking microbes…

Using it is stupid-easy!

Yet another reason all those well-respected countries rated it so highly.


Must See - Discover How Easy The LifeStraw Is To Use

If you can suck water through a drinking straw you can use the LifeStraw to save your life.

Seriously, it’s that easy.

To use the LifeStraw to get safe drinking water just follow these 3 steps:


1 - Stick the filter end in the water you want to drink from.

2 - Suck on the straw tip like you’re drinking from a normal straw.

3 - When finished, blow back through the straw to clear out debris.

That’s it.

Follow those 3 easy steps and your LifeStraw could help save your life in a crisis!

And because the LifeStraw doesn’t use batteries, pumps, or chemicals you don’t have to worry about it failing the moment you need it most.

There’s no way to argue about it...

Anyone who wants to be prepared for a crisis... or who wants a lightweight water filter for camping or backpacking will love the LifeStraw.

If you’re skeptical then take a look at a sample of the thousands and thousands of 5-star reviews given to the LifeStraw.

Here’s Why People Love Their LifeStraws

“I’m About to Order More Right Now!"

Dan T.

"I bought each of my family members one for Christmas, just in case. I use mine every time I go fishing. No need to carry a jug or canteen anymore. Just stick it in the river and DRINK. One of the best outdoor supplies I've bought. Heck I'm about to order more right now. "

“LifeStraw Is A Great Product"

Karen C. Verified Buyer

"Great product! I had to test it out.. Went to the fishing lake in our city..

Took me a minute to get up the nerve to drink it.. LOL.. But was pleasantly surprised to find it very drinkable..  My home’s water supply is by a well. Tried that and it actually made a difference in taste.

I need to get a home system like this..

Thank you!"

“I Feel So Much Safer"

Brennan K. Verified Buyer

"I'm so grateful to have obtained these life straws at such a good price. Clean water is necessary to life and I feel so much safer having them."

“A Great Personal Survival Tool"

Robert C. Verified Buyer

"Have owned these before and have carried one for years as part of my camp gear. As a retired military man and past Air Commando in Viet Nam, Cambodia, Laos, and China border...would have given anything to have had one of these many years ago. I now carry one in my car as well as my "scat bag" and my camp gear."

Keep in mind these are just a handful of thousands and thousands of 5-star reviews of the  LifeStraw.

When you get yours today you know you’re getting something thousands of survivalists and outdoor enthusiasts love.

Look - LifeStraws are so amazing that as you read this more than 350,000 people are using them in areas where there is no clean water to stay alive.

And that is why you need to get yours today (at 20% Off).

5 Reasons You Need To Get A LifeStraw Today

Hopefully you agree the LifeStraw is one of the most important and most valuable survival tools you could ever own.

Even if you already own a water filter or purifier you’d still be making a smart decision to get a LifeStraw today.

Here are 5 reasons this is true:

  • Extremely Affordable And a Great Gift: The LifeStraw is easy on your wallet since it costs a fraction of other filters. Plus, you never ever need to buy replacement parts, so buy it once and you’re covered! Because these inexpensive and life-saving filters are so valuable they make great gifts too!  Give them to family and friends so you can relax knowing their emergency water needs are covered!
  • Super-Lightweight: Remember, carrying heavy water with you everywhere in a crisis is out of the question. Other filters and purifiers can weigh as much a pound. At 2 oz. The LifeStraw is so light you’ll be able to carry it with you and never know it’s there.

    And at only 1 x 1 x 9 inches it'll fit almost anywhere, saving you room and headaches in the process.

  • So Easy To Use: In a survival situation the easier something is to use the better.  And that’s why the LifeStraw is perfect for you. No filters to mess with, no caps to screw on, no batteries to change. Just one straw and 2 steps and you’ve got clean water.
  • Guaranteed Reliability and Super-Long Lasting: Because it cleans 264 gallons (1,000 liters) the LifeStraw will prevent death from dehydration for an entire year! You can use the filter every single day for an entire year and never ever worry about going thirsty!  After 264 gallons it stops working and then you know it’s time to use a new straw.
  • Proven To Protect You From Deadly Disease: The LifeStraw’s chemical free filter removes 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria like E. Coli & Cholera along with 99.9% of waterborne parasites like Giardia & Cryptosporidium…making disease filled water safe to drink in seconds! It also exceeds EPA standards for water filters, so you know you have the best filter money can buy.

Plus it does much more than this.

Seriously, there’s no way around it.

The LifeStraw is one of the most useful and most needed survival tools on the planet.

And you need one!

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Every single person needs to have a LifeStraw.

That’s a simple fact.

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  • You’ll see how if the economy tanks this country might seize all our water!  No one ever talks about this but it’s a very real threat.
  • Discover multiple ways the water coming into your home could instantly become unsafe to drink. A LifeStraw won’t fix this problem but the plans inside this Ebook will.
  • Plus learn about the nasty and dangerous things the government’s done to our water supply. Depending where you live you might already be poisoned. The easy way to keep yourself safe inside.
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Once you learn the valuable information inside your FREE Survive Water Crisis survival guide we’ll also give you a guide that shows you how to turn water into a never ending source of food. Our Freedom Food Aquaponics guide contains all you need to know to set up a self-sustained aquaponics setup.


  • Learn which fish you should never attempt to use in an aquaponics set up. Choose the wrong fish and it could ruin all your hard work.
  • Discover which aquaponics is going to work best for you. Featuring multiple designs you’ll even be given instructions on how to set up the right tank.
  • See how to use fish to grow vegetables. This simple trick will give you all the nutrients you need to survive a crisis.

Bonus #3 – Sold Out After Crisis – Normally $29.97

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  • The first food item that will fly off the shelf, (obviously it’s impossible to survive without this) so I’ll tell you exactly where to get it before the general public – and how to store it securely…
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