Show Your Patriotism

Paracord Patriot Bracelet

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  • 10 Feet of Survival Cord If Unraveled
  • High Quality 550 lb Strength Paracord
  • Built-in Safety Whistle & Reflective Plate

Show your love for the USA while at the same time, being prepared. Paracord has hundreds of survival uses, and you'll have 10 feet of it on your wrist.

The Patriot Bracelet Could Save Your Life

  • 10 feet of 550 lb strength paracord, if unraveled
  • Over a hundred survival uses; video & PDF included
  • Bracelet is 8.5 inches long, when buckle is clipped
  • Fits most men & women wrists
  • Or attach to backpack, keychain, etc

Built-in Safety Whistle

PLUS - we're also including...

Video 1 - How To Unravel The Bracelet

Video 2 - Using Inner Strands

PDF Report - "101 Paracord Uses"


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