After NASA Unclassified This Space-Age Technology...
       It Became a Life-Saving Survival Tool

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NASA Uses It For Deep Space Exploration...
Discover Why It’s Even More Useful On Earth

Space...the final the deadliest place in the universe.

When NASA began America’s space program they knew the extreme temperatures of space were going to be a problem to overcome (temps get as high as 398 °F and as low as -328 °F).

So to keep their crews and equipment safe from extreme temperatures they did something crazy...

They started using the material found in our tiny and FREE Emergency Space Blanket to keep everyone safe.

For decades the only way to get this material was by working for NASA.

But after a while scientists realized how useful it would be for civilian use.


So it was “unclassified” and released to the public.

At first, people didn’t know what to do with the material...

Once survivalists got their hands on it they turned them into the life-saving FREE Space Blankets you see on this page.

Because these blankets were meant to endure temperatures like those found in space they’re actually more useful on Earth.

Way more useful than you might know...

In fact, in two seconds you’ll see incredible ways these blankets can save your life you never knew were possible.

You’re going to be shocked by what you see...

Space Blankets Reflects 90% Of Body Heat Back To You


Most people think space blankets are only good to stay warm in the cold.

Turns out that’s not true at all.

Not even NASA could have predicted how useful these blankets actually are.

See for yourself...

Imagine you’re stuck in a car in the middle of a snowstorm.

The heater’s broken and the temperature is falling fast. As the air around you gets colder and colder your body has to work harder to stay warm.

In a situation like this you could die in a matter of 30 minutes to an hour.

The good news is using our FREE Emergency Space Blanket in this situation could help save your life.

The reason why is the special material they’re made from reflects 90% of your body’s heat back to you.

So instead of your body heating up the frigid air in the car, your body heat stays with you, keeping you from freezing to death.

That’s the obvious survival use for the blankets everyone knows about.

Now, Picture This Scary Situation...

Imagine you’re stranded in that same car out in the desert...

In this instance you can use your FREE Space Blanket to avoid overheating and dying of heat stroke.

Because space blankets work the same on Earth as they do in space they reflect the sun’s dangerous rays away from you...

This is what helps keep astronauts from melting in space!

And that means you can use them to make a temporary shelter to prevent your brain from being baked in harsh conditions.

With these blankets in your possession you’ll remain safe in some of the most dangerous situations known to man.


And of course they’re great for camping, backpacking and more.

But that’s not even half of what they can do...

Another amazing reason to get a FREE Space Blanket, one that NASA couldn’t have imagined...

They’re 100% windproof and 100% waterproof.

This means not only does the blanket reflect heat back to you and away from you...

It’ll also keep 2 of nature’s most dangerous elements at bay, helping you stay alive in a disaster.

Think about how useful they’d be in a hurricane, a flood, torrential rainstorm and more.

Unbelievably this is just scratching the surface for how useful this tool is.

These lightweight and compact blankets will actually help save your life in more ways than this!

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WAIT - FREE Space Blankets Do ALL THIS Too?


Yes, your FREE Emergency Space Blanket will reflect your body heat back to you when it’s cold outside.

Yes, it’ll also keep you cool by reflecting the sun’s dangerously hot rays away from you too.

And Yes, it’ll even help protect you from harsh winds and rains in the middle of a crisis.

But that’s not all it’ll do to help save your life.

Once you see what else it can do you’ll agree, this is easily one of the most amazing survival tools ever invented.

See for yourself:

  • It will help cook your food: Preppers worldwide use these blankets to reflect the sun’s rays into DIY solar ovens to cook food.
  • It will help you get rescued: Since space blankets are made from a super shiny material you can use them to signal rescuers if you’re ever stranded outside.
  • Light
  • It will keep you from dying of thirst: When stretched out your space blanket can be used to collect dew and water so you’ll stay hydrated in a crisis.
  • It will protect survival food: If you have a survival garden you can use these blankets to protect them from frosts and high heat. Simply place on top of your plants and you’re good to go.
  • It will help cool or heat your home: Space blankets placed on windows can keep your house warm in the winter by reflecting heat back to you and cool in the summer by keeping the sun’s rays out!
  • It will keep you well fed: In an emergency cut strips of the blanket and make a net to catch fish. Even better, string a little bit near a fish hook and it’ll create an attractive lure.

Plus much, much more.

Truth be told there aren’t many survival tools in existence as useful as our FREE Emergency Space Blankets.

Ever since these blankets were first introduced thousands upon thousands of people have used them in emergencies.

In fact, most members of the U.S. military get an almost identical blanket with their gear.

Facts like this are what make this tool critical to own for anyone who wants to be prepared.

They also make great gifts given to the ones you love so they can get prepared for the worst too.

Of course don’t take our word for it.

Check out a handful of positive reviews (out of the thousands out there) regarding these incredible blankets.

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See Why People Love Their FREE Space Blankets

“Smart Deal!”

Marilyn D.

"Everyone should have a few of these EMERGENCY BLANKETS just for themselves as there are so many uses for them! GREAT DEAL here at SURVIVAL FROG!"


William M.

"Not only are the blankets great for cold protection, they are also good for EMF protection when electronics are wrapped up in them."

“These Are Great!”

Joanne S.

"These are great, very compact and easy to throw in your car, even if you have a large family and need one per each person for emergencies!"

“Easy To Carry, Handy To Have!”

Allan R.

"This survival blanket is lighter than most other brands but does as good or better of a job. It takes up less space, easily fitting into a shirt pocket, and can be used for other survival purposes-- catch rain water, cover supplies to keep them dry, use as an emergency signal, etc. I keep one in my back pocket so it is part of my EDC items."

You can see why people love these blankets so much.

As one of the most useful survival tools around, everyone should own one, two, or more.

And before we show you to how to get yours for need to see 5 reasons you’d be crazy to not get one!

5 More Reasons You’re Going To Love
Your FREE Space Blanket


Once you receive your FREE Emergency Space Blankets you’ll quickly understand why NASA used this material in the space program.

Millions of dollars were spent to produce this technology.

And you’re sure to appreciate that investment when you put this lightweight and compact survival tool in your bag.

Below are 5 more reasons this is one of the top survival tools in the universe:

  • Supremely Lightweight: When it comes to survival, lighter is better. Our Space Blanket only weighs 1.7 ounces making it one of the lightest, most effective survival tools ever. It’ll never weigh you down!
  • Extremely Compact: When folded up your FREE blanket is barely larger than a small notepad. They also store compactly after use so you can repack them in your survival kit with ease.
  • Incredibly Easy to Use: No special instructions needed. Unfold and use like a regular blanket to stay warm, cool and dry.
  • Light
    Opens To 51 Inches X 83 Inches Large
  • One-Size-Fits-All: When open, the Emergency Blanket measures 51 x 83 inches (big enough to cover almost anyone from head to toe).
  • Has 20+ Survival Uses: With over 20+ proven survival uses your FREE blanket could save your life in countless ways. Catch a fish, cook food, stay warm, and much, much more!

Pretty impressive, isn’t it?

After reading this far it’s likely you want to get your FREE blanket (before it’s too late).

In the section below you’ll see how (and why) you can get this blanket for FREE.

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You won’t want to wait though!

Supplies are limited and they’re guaranteed to go fast.

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The reason we give them away is simple.

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By now you can clearly see how our space blankets are one of the most useful survival tools on the face of the Earth.

There’s little doubt you can't see how useful they might be in a variety of crisis situations. Use them to stay warm when it’s cold, and cold when it’s hot...but there’s a lot more they can do.

And that’s why we’re including this exclusive bonus 100% FREE with your space blankets.

This guide is an incredible resource for anyone who wants to learn how to use their space blankets in ways they never thought possible. Your guide is loaded with detailed plans, interactive videos, and instructions on how to use your blanket in the following ways:

  • Discover how you can use small strips of the blanket to stay fed for life! Just one blanket combined with a common camping tool can virtually guarantee you don’t starve in a crisis.
  • See the incredible way to use them to save someone bleeding to death. If someone you love is seriously injured and you know this one, simple trick, it could save a life in a matter of minutes.
  • Learn how you can use them to help save big bucks on your heating and cooling bills. Best of all is this same hack can be applied in a crisis to keep a home extra warm or cool.
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All this and more!

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