Mothers SHOCKED To Discover
“Mom Approved” Tumbler Is A Verified Life Saver

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Boils Water In Minutes, Making Water Safe To Drink
Or, Make A Piping Hot Cup Of Coffee, ANYWHERE

See that seemingly ordinary plastic tumbler on the right?

That’s the Flameless Camp Tumbler.

Now, just by looking at it you’d never believe it has the power to save your life.

Truth’s actually one the most advanced survival cups in the world!

So advanced the technology used to power it was recently featured on Shark Tank...

And while it might be a proven survival cup...

It's so useful and easy to use busy moms, arthritic grandparents, and little kids enjoy using it every day to make hot coffee, tea, and instant meals wherever they want.

You’ve got to see how incredible this cup truly is!

Flameless Camp Tumbler

Honestly - This Cup Won’t Just Help Save Your Life...
It Will Change Your Life Forever!

The reason the Flameless Camp Tumbler is so useful is because it automatically and flamelessly boils water and cooks food for you.

In the process, this flameless tumbler eliminates trips to the coffee shop, sitting around waiting for water to boil, as well as the following tools:

  • A kettle
  • A camp stove
  • A camp cup
  • An insulated tumbler
  • A thermos

So, how exactly does the Flameless Camp Tumbler work?

On the left you see this special tumbler.

It’s made up of an inner 13 oz. stainless steel cup and a durable molded plastic outer shell (plus a sealable lid and included boiler pouch).

The inner 13 oz. stainless steel cup is the one that holds the water/food you want heated. It’s also entirely removable.

Once the inner cup is removed all you do is dump the contents of the included boiler pouch (made of activated lime) into the outer shell and mix with 1.5 oz. of water.

This creates a safe, flameless reaction, which superheats the water to 208 degrees Fahrenheit in minutes.

After mixing the water and boiler pouch in the outer shell all you do the 13 oz. stainless steel cup back inside...load it with your favorite meal/beverage...lock the lid...and wait 5-8 minutes as the superheated water heats up your meal/beverage.

It is literally that easy to use the Flameless Camp Tumbler!

This simple process lets you safely heat a beverage or a hot meal absolutely anywhere you want!

  • Cook inside a car while you’re driving (make sure to prepare while stopped)
  • Use it in a tent so you don’t have to get up and start a fire
  • Heat water in a classroom while you’re learning
  • Even enjoy a hot cup of coffee at the DMV while you’re waiting in line

And more!

And while it’s great at helping prepare a hot meal or drink while you’re on the go...that’s not the best thing about it.

Not even close.

This is the only “Mom Approved” tumbler in the world that can help save your life!

Here’s how it works.

Flameless Camp Tumbler

Now, Here’s Where Things Get Really Interesting...
See How Lime + Water Can Save A Life!

According to the Wilderness Medical Society all you need to do is get water to 185° F (85° C) to kill dangerous pathogens in just a few minutes.

Remember, the Flameless Camp Tumbler gets hot (208 degrees), and stays hot for well over an hour.

That means it will make all disease-ridden water safe to drink in mere moments.

That’s right, not only will this flameless tumbler help you make a hot cup of coffee while you’re sitting in traffic...

It will sterilize water anywhere in the world by destroying every last bacteria and virus.

This is why campers, backpackers and survivalists all over the world are using the Flameless Camp Tumbler as their go to camp cup.

With this one cup in your camping gear or bug out bag you won’t need to carry heavy camp cups, bulky camp stoves, kettles, and dangerous or expensive fuels to get safe drinking water ever again.

The Flameless Camp Tumbler will do it all.

Pretty cool, right?

We certainly think so, but please don’t just take our word for it.

Take a look and see why normal people and preppers alike love the technology behind the Flameless Camp Tumbler.

Flameless Camp Tumbler

What Others Are Saying About
The Flameless Camp Tumbler’s Technology

“Awesome Item!”

Don R. verified reviews

"I ordered this cup to use out in the field. I am active duty Navy serving with the Marines at Camp Lejeune, NC. The water activated packs work really well to make coffee or boil water for other drinks. These heaters do a better job than the MRE heaters I use often. It was nice to have hot coffee on 23 degree weather. This cup and the packs all fit into my issued daypack without being bulky. Awesome item."

“I Would Recommend It To Anyone!”

TarPaper Heaven verified reviews

"I bought this as a gift for my elderly mother who is crippled up with arthritis. She uses it to heat meals and coffee during power outages. It is so easy to use she can do everything and have a warm meal or a cup of coffee. She loves it and I would recommend it to anyone."

“Amazed How Fast It Got Hot!”

Robert C verified reviews

"Amazed how fast it got hot. I ordered extra fuel packs and the cooker. I'm going to carry it on all my trips."

“I Can Be In My Sleeping Bag And Get A Nice Hot Brew Going”

Bri verified reviews

"I got this for camping trips. I hate having to walk out of my tent, set up the Coleman stove, get a pot out, and get some water boiling just for hot coffee in the morning, takes entirely too long. With this little contraption I can be in my sleeping bag and get a nice hot brew going. Smaller than I expected...takes up less space. But it’s still big enough to be able to shove four of the heater packs in during storage. The heaters work fast and get very hot."

Fact is when you get your Camp Tumbler it’ll likely become your new favorite cup.

You’ll love how it’ll save you all kinds of time and money.

And you’ll love how it will give you clean water in disaster.

Flameless Camp Tumbler

6 More Reasons To Love The Flameless Camp Tumbler

Once your Flameless Camp Tumbler arrives in the mail you’ll see exactly why this is one of the most convenient and best survival tools on Earth...

  • It’s So Dang Easy To Use: Easier is always better. Both for daily life and in a survival situation. As you noticed, the Flameless Camp Tumbler is as easy to use as it gets...which is perfect if you’re looking for a quick cup of coffee while on the road or you’re stressed out in a crisis!
  • Super Compact and Lightweight: Shockingly, the Flameless Camp Tumbler weighs less than most ordinary coffee cups. Yeah, it’s that light (just 8 oz.). Plus, it fits in places bulky tumblers can’t. With dimensions of just 7.5” x 3.5” x 3.5” it fits snuggly in cup holders, purses and more while never sacrificing how much liquid it can carry. Never worry about the Flameless Camp Tumbler weighing you down!
  • It Kills Deadly Diseases: Because the Flameless Camp Tumbler heats water to 208 degrees it’ll turn potentially contaminated water into safe drinking water. Go ahead, dip it into a stream, heat it up, and drink up. Your water’s safe!
  • Incredibly Durable: Every piece of the Flameless Camp Tumbler has been made to last a lifetime. Both the lid and the outer shell are made from a super-durable molded plastic that will withstand drops, kicks, and bumps. The inner cup is solid stainless you know how tough that is. Use it, abuse it, and if it breaks it’s covered by our 3 year warranty!
  • Extremely Safe: Moms love this item because they can use it around kids with little fear. Since it produces no toxic fumes, smoke or flames it can be used almost anywhere...even inside a car or a nursery. Plus the tightly sealed lid helps prevent accidental spillage and burns. *Be warned - contents are still hot and the potential for burns still exist.
  • Works Fast: No more waiting for a pot to boil or the barista to get your drink ready. Just mix the heat pack contents with 1.5 oz. of water in the outer cup and you’ll be on your way to enjoying a drink or a meal in 5-8 minutes. As an added bonus the Flameless Camp Tumbler’s design also traps heat in. This means your drink will stay warm and ready for a long, long time (also doubles as a thermos too).

As you can see a decision to own the Flameless Camp Tumbler makes sense on so many levels.

Busy moms, arthritic grandparents, stressed out college students and many more will love how convenient it is.

Plus, when you consider how dangerous our world makes sense to own a tool that will give you safe, clean water to drink anywhere, anytime.

That’s why the Flameless Camp Tumbler is perfect for you!

And here’s the best news of all about the Flameless Camp Tumbler.

Right now you have an incredible chance to get it for an amazing price.

Check it out.

Flameless Camp Tumbler

This Page Only
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When you consider all the Flameless Camp Tumbler does you’d expect us to charge an arm and a leg for it.

After all...

  • It replaces a regular camp cup
  • It replaces a kettle
  • It replaces a camp stove
  • It replaces a thermos
  • It replaces an insulated tumbler

And does all the hard work of cooking up a hot beverage/meal for you!

So if we priced it at $40 or $50 you’d agree that’s a perfectly reasonable price.

The good news is you won’t have to pay near that much for your Flameless Camp Tumbler.

On this page you get a really special deal for the Flameless Camp Tumbler you can’t get anywhere else!

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That’s an amazing price for this incredible tumbler.

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And since the Flameless Camp Tumbler is so useful for people of all ages and interests it’s the perfect gift for friends and family.

Flameless Camp Tumbler


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Flameless Camp Tumbler

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You’ll also get our “Extra American Guarantee,” with the Flameless Camp Tumbler.

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