See How This Scary-Sharp Survival Blade Gets Hotter Than Dragon's Breath & Makes Fire On Demand

Dragon FireKnife

One of the Greatest Advances in Knife Design in 5,300 years

Smart people like you know this already…

2 of the most important preparedness tools are a super sharp knife… and a dependable fire starter.

If that wasn't true then Military Members across the nation wouldn't carry them on their person on every mission.

There's no doubt these tools are essential for crisis survival.

And while they're extremely important… in 2 seconds you'll get to see how we made them even better…

In the process we're helping people like you Save Big Money while shaving tons of weight off their survival kits.

Introducing The Dragon FireKnife

For years we've noticed an obvious issue with knives and fire starters.

They've always been built separately.

Now at first that might not seem like a big deal.

But as the world's #1 survival company we can assure you, it really is.

Truth is, the more weight you can save in a survival situation, the better.

Dragon FireKnife with durable sheath
and adjustable lanyard

Common sense says the more individual tools you carry, the heavier your bug out bag is.

And the more tools you have, the easier it is to lose the one you need.

Which is why we're so proud to introduce the Dragon FireKnife.

After seeing what exactly the Dragon FireKnife does it's easy to see why some say it's one of the greatest advances in knife design since they were invented 5,300 years ago!

Look At the High-Tech Features
We Hid Inside The Dragon FireKnife

Special Steel Blade Made for Durability

One of the things that makes the Dragon FireKnife so powerful is the blade is made from a special kind of steel called 60HRC440C stainless steel.

Now 60HRC440C steel isn't ordinary steel.

What makes it so unique is it's extremely tough and super sharp (and very easy to sharpen).

Use it to make paper thin slices or batter and bruise this knife and it'll practically come back begging for more.

Plus it's extremely lightweight!

Blades of similar size as the Dragon FireKnife weigh 2-3x as much as 60HRC440C blades.

Durable and flexible stainless steel blade

Surprisingly, at 3.92 inches long and 0.7mm thick across the back, the Dragon FireKnife is lighter than a feather. Believe it or not, the entire blade weighs a measly 3.2oz

That's half the weight of knives that are half its size!

Not to mention, the Dragon FireKnife's blade is actually a 3-in-1 blade.

Half smooth, half serrated, and with a savage gut hook on the tip, the Dragon FireKnife will make mincemeat of anything in its way.

Comfort Grip Handle Firmly Locks to Your Hand

When it comes to a survival knife, the handle is actually just as important as the blade.

Grippy thermo molded rubber handle

A true rescue blade absolutely must stay firmly locked in your hand during use. Otherwise you could seriously injure yourself.

Which is why the first thing you'll appreciate about the Dragon FireKnife's handle is the survival worthy grip.

To guarantee the Dragon FireKnife won't slip, we made the handle out of an incredibly durable and super grippy TPE thermo molded rubber.

This material won't just take a beating, it practically sticks to your hand to stay locked in place during vigorous use.

In addition to that, your fingers are extra protected with an extra-thick hilt and a contoured finger groove (aka "choil").

Now you can cut, saw, stab, poke and more without worrying about dicing up your digits.

And to improve durability we did 3 innovative things with the handle.

We made the entire handle out of one piece of TPE therm molded rubber. Virtually impossible to break, the handle will stand up to the worst beatings imaginable.

We sank the blade into the handle as 3/4 tang. This gives you great durability and strength while helping keep Dragon FireKnife light and perfectly balanced.

It has everything to do with the way we secured a fire started in the handle.

And… The Secret Reveal On This Ultra-Hot Fire Starter!

The most advanced part about this knife is the fact there's a built-in magnesium fire starting striking rod.

Built straight into the handle, this REMOVABLE striking rod is amazing for a number of reasons:

  • A single stroke creates a shower of 5,400 degree sparks - hotter than dragon's breath!
  • With a lifetime use of 3,000 strikes guaranteed, it will provide years and years worth of fires.
  • Incredibly easy to use. Twist and remove from the handle and scrape along the back of the blade to get a fire going. It's that easy!
Removable fire starter in base of handle

The best thing is the fire starter is next to impossible to lose.

Since it twist locks into the handle, your fire starter will always be there when you need it.

Helping you breathe easier knowing you'll never need to worry about forgetting matches or a lighter again.

Amazing how the simple upgrade of hiding a fire starter in the handle of our knife virtually guarantees there's not a crisis on the planet you're not ready for… isn't it?

And of course, for daily use the supreme lightness of the Dragon FireKnife will be a huge blessing.

5 More Reasons
You'll Love The Dragon FireKnife

The Dragon FireKnife truly is a one of a kind survival tool.

The simple fact it combines 2 of the top 10 survival tools in 1 makes it a clear cut choice for anyone who wants to be prepared.

But there's actually much, much more that makes the Dragon FireKnife special:

  • Comes with A FREE Sheath: Because the Dragon FireKnife is so sharp, they all come with a FREE sheath. This durable TPE plastic sheath protects you from your blade… and keeps your blade safe. Auto drain holes at the base of the sheath ensure your blade stays dry from the elements.

    Plus the sheath has a built-in clip to help you easily attach your knife to your belt, bag, boots, and more.
  • Dragon FireKnife with durable plastic sheath

  • Comes With a Free Knife Sharpener: Like your learned above, the Dragon FireKnife is made from 60HRC440C stainless steel. This special steel sharpens up super fast, and because that's true we added a specialty sharpening stone to the back of the sheath.

  • Built-in knife sharpener in sheath

    After several days of hard use simple pass the blade over the stone several times to get it hair-splitting sharp in no time.

  • Lighter than A Feather: It bears repeating. The Dragon FireKnife is so lightweight, it almost seems hard to believe. At 3.2oz, this 2-in-1 survival tool weighs less than most individual knives and fire starters.

  • Easy To Use - Easy To Find: We didn't choose bright orange for the Dragon FireKnife on accident. The reason the Draong FireKnife is orange is so you'll never have an issue finding it in a crisis. Easy to spot - the orange acts like a homing beacon for you to find it if SHTF.

  • Just The Right Size: With a 3.92" blade the Dragon FireKnife is neither too big or too small. Large enough to baton wood and carve beefy tent stakes, it's still small enough to comfortably carry on your person for hours on end. This truly makes it one of the best crisis knives on the planet.

And The Single Best Thing about the Dragon FireKnife?

HINT - It Has To Do With The Price!!

The main reason we made the Dragon FireKnife was so we could combine 2 of the most important survival tools into one.

This 2-in-1 survival tool means less to lose… less to carry… and more to love.

It's also available for an outrageously low price.

Dragon FireKnife with adjustable lanyard

If you were to buy a magnesium fire starting rod and a knife similar to the Dragon FireKnife separately you'd spend $20 and $70 respectively… or $90 total.

We know $90 is quite a bit of money to spend on two separate tools.

Which is why on this page only you can get the Dragon FireKnife for just $44.97!

That's just $44.97 for this amazing knife.

That's 50% less than you'd spend if you got similar tools separately… truly an amazing deal!

Remember this too…

You need a knife and a fire starter to be prepared. And the Dragon FireKnife is no run of the mill knife and a fire starter.

You know the Dragon FireKnife is awesome… so what are you waiting for?

On this page only you can get your Dragon FireKnife for just $44.97 today!

But Wait - There's More!
Special Bonus TODAY ONLY!

Because the Dragon FireKnife is such an awesome survival tool we know you might want to get a few extra for yourself or as gifts.

So we created a special deal for you when you get Dragon FireKnives on this page.

When you get 2 or more Dragon FireKnives we'll ship them to you FREE. It's our way of helping you save extra money.

Also, if you get 2 or more Dragon FireKnives not only will we ship them to you FREE

We'll also include a 5-pack of waterproof WetFire tinder (normally $10 per pack) for FREE.

The WetFire waterproof tinder is the perfect companion to your Dragon FireKnife

These lightweight blocks of tinder light instantly and will work no matter how wet it is.

Seriously, throw them in a lake and they'll still light on fire.

The more Dragon FireKnives you get, the more WetFire Tinder packs we'll include.

You know the Dragon FireKnife truly is one of the best survival tools you could ever own.

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We Promise You'll Love Your Dragon FireKnife
But What Happens If You Don't?

Because the Dragon FireKnife is so lightweight and gives you two reliable tools in one, we know you'll love it.

However, if for any reason you're not satisfied with your purchase of your Dragon FireKnife, your hard earned money's protected with our 100% money back "Ultra American Guarantee."

Meaning…if you decide your Dragon FireKnife isn't something you want to keep simply send us an email any time in the next 6 months for a full, prompt refund.

That's all it takes to get your money back!

Plus, the Dragon FireKnife is protected with a 3-year warranty. If at any time the Dragon FireKnife isn't working the way you want it to just send it back in and we'll replace it for FREE!

That's fair, right?

To get everything Right Now just press the Big Orange Button.