Home Security Companies HATE
This Weird Shaped Survival Triangle

Introducing The Amazing New "Door Stop Alarm"
How This Weird Shaped Triangle Can
Keep You and Your Loved Ones Safe
From Robbery, Rape, Murder and More!

The Door Stop Alarm is one of the simplest and most effective home security devices.

And that’s why Home Security companies hate it so much.

Because it’s so easy to use and because it doesn’t require any expensive monthly monitoring fees, thousands and thousands of Americans are using them as their first line of home security.

Take a look at the Door Stop Alarm.

While it looks like a regular door stop it’s far from it.

The reason the Door Stop Alarm is so unique is because it will trigger an insanely loud ear-piercing alarm if anyone tries to break into your home through a door.

All you have to do is place it behind a door and if a bad guy tries to open that door it’ll trigger a 120 dB alarm that’ll scare the pants off anyone trying to break in your home.

Considering 2,000,000 homes are broken into every year and that doors are the most popular entry point you can see why a device like this is so effective.

It’s also lightweight and portable which means at any time you can change which door you want to secure. Depending on where you are in your home you can move it from one door to the next. Plus you can use it while vacationing in places you’re unfamiliar with.

How many other home security systems can do that?

Here's How It Works:

  • Acts as door wedge preventing entry
  • Loud siren when door pushes open
  • Works on carpet or hard floors
  • Use at your home, hotel room, and more…

Another reason people love the Door Stop Alarm is because it’s so dang easy to use.

Best of all is to secure your home and defend yourself all you have to do is load a battery inside and slide it behind the door you want to secure and you’re done.

Seriously, it’s that easy.

Now you can see why this device has security companies shaking in their boots, right?

Of course those aren’t the only reasons to love the Door Stop Alarm...

There are many, many more and you can see them directly below.

6 Reasons To Love The Door Stop Alarm

Once you get your hands on the Door Stop Alarm you’ll quickly see why thousands upon thousands of other Americans have chosen to defend their homes with it.

  • Will Travel With You Anywhere: The Door Stop Alarm weighs almost nothing. At only 5 ounces in weight it’s great for anyone who wants an easy to move and easy to carry home security tool. Best of all is because it’s so light you can stuff it in a suitcase and take it on vacations with ease.
  • Using It Will Never Confuse You: This is the simplest home security tool around. Just place the tip of the Door Stop Alarm at the edge of the door you want to secure and you’re protected! It’s even been fortified with a grippy rubber bottom so it works just as well on carpeted surfaces as it does on wood/linoleum/tile etc. That’s exactly what you want if you’re trying to protect you and the ones you love.
  • Cannot Be Disabled By Attackers: One of the biggest faults with monitored whole home security systems is they’re connected by a bunch of wires people can cut up from outside. The Door Stop Alarm is self-contained so there’s no way an intruder will be able to disable it from outside. This means you will sleep soundly knowing if anyone tries to break in through a door the Door Stop Alarm is gonna catch them and alert you right away.
  • Ultra Loud, Medium and Low Sound Settings: All it takes is a slight amount of pressure from the door it’s placed behind and the Door Stop Alarm will let loose with a piercing 120 decibel shriek. The mechanism is so simple and so dependable you can use it over and over without fear one day it’ll stop. It also features high and low settings depending on your specific needs. Exactly what you need to stay protected.
  • Ultra Durable and Long Lasting: Since the Door Stop Alarm relies on a 9v battery to keep you and your family safe you can expect to get years and years of use from it. Even better, it’s made from super tough ABS plastic and stainless steel so it’s incredibly durable. It’ll withstand accidental kicks, drops and bumps with ease!
  • Prevents Forced Entry: Not only does the Door Stop Alarm scare intruders away, if they keep trying to get in it’ll actually stop them in their tracks! The triangular design and grippy rubber bottom wedges the door shut and prevents anyone from making it inside!

I think you can see why these 6 reasons, along with the ones I mentioned above, are great reasons to get the Door Stop Alarm.

Honestly once it arrives at your home and you activate the alarm to test it out you’ll be blown away by how well it works.

And that’s exactly what’s so great about this amazing device. It’s really loud and it really works.

Of course I could say all kinds of good things about the Door Stop Alarm...so why don’t you take a look and see what other people have said about this incredible home security device instead.

door stopper
Door Stopper

See Why Others Love Their Door Stop Alarm

“Great Alarm!�

Rick P.

"I have two and they work GREAT! VERY loud we can even hear it upstairs!"

“It's Loud!�

Reviewed by LS.

"It's loud! It will wake you from a deep sleep! No one can open your door without you hearing them!"

“Great Product That Really WORKS!�


"Awesome product. It really works! Nice product for security and peace of mind."

“An Excellent Purchase�

Gary D.

"This item does everything it was advertised to accomplish; an excellent purchase."

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Door Stopper