Brand New Tool Fights America's #8
Leading Cause Of Death

What's Hidden Inside This New Tool
Won't Just Charge Your Phone...It Could Save Your Life

Don't get trapped inside your car

Believe it or not...behind cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer' of the top killers of Americans are car accidents.

Last year 40,000 Americans perished in their cars.

Surprisingly, in some instances it wasn't the violence of the crash that killed the victims.

Instead, their car became their tomb when they became trapped inside...unable to escape.

In some awful instances mothers and their children were burned alive...

Others died when their car rolled off the sides of roads and they became trapped for so long they eventually expired... their bodies found weeks later.

Tragically, In many cases something as simple as a car evacuation tool would have saved them.

Look, we understand no one likes thinking about tragic car accidents.

It's hard to think about how putting your key in the ignition could set you on the road to death.

However, because car accidents kill so many people every year it makes sense that we should try and make them more survivable.

That's why we created the Easy Power 6-in-1 Emergency Car Tool & Charger.

Introducing the Easy Power
6-in-1 Emergency Car Tool & Charger

The Easy Power 6-in-1 Emergency Car Tool & Charger (AKA the 6-in-1) is a brand new daily survival tool from the world's #1 survival company, Survival Frog.

In 2 seconds you'll discover how it could save your life.

But before you see that…

We want to show why every single person in America needs one.

Even if they don't care a lick about survival.

Recent reports show 98% of Americans own a cell phone. That likely includes you.

Dead battery? No problem with the 6-in-1

As a cell phone owner you've likely dealt with a dead battery before.

Sometimes a dead battery isn't a big deal. Like when you're at home relaxing and a wall outlet is near by.

Other times dead batteries can be a serious pain in the rear.

Imagine the frustration of going grocery shopping and realizing you need to call to check about something on your list only to see your phone's dead...not the end of the world but a huge hassle

Get out quick with the 6-in-1 Tool

But in some instances a dead phone battery could lead to your early death.

Like if your car was rolled over in a ditch and you needed to call 911.

All this goes to show how important it is to have a fully charged battery in your phone. That way it's ready when you need it.

And this is the #1 reason we created the Easy Power 6-in-1 Emergency Car Tool & Charger.

To help guarantee a dead battery never, ever gives you issues.

Don't Be Fooled
The 6-In-1 Is Nothing Like Regular Chargers
It Charges In a Revolutionary New Way

You've probably seen phone chargers that look like the 6-In-1 before.

They plug into your cigarette lighter and then you use your phone's charging cord to help charge the battery.

And while the 6-In-1 works in the same way…It also keeps your battery charged in a revolutionary new way.

Look, we know people like you love the convenience of charging your phone in your car.

But what happens when you leave your car?

How are you going to charge your phone then?

What separates the 6-In-1 from all other USB chargers is this…

It has a powerful backup battery built inside

With this battery you have the freedom to charge your phone (or any USB charged device for that battery) anywhere on the planet!

This incredible battery packs a whopping 2,200 mah of power.

That's enough power to give most phones and USB Charged electronics to 100% juice with ease.

As long as you've got the 6-in-1 with you you'll never need to worry about a dead battery.

Which means there should never be a time where a dead battery puts your life in danger.

Here's Why Even Muscle Bound Superheroes Need This Tool
Proven To Help You Escape A Raging Car Fire

Get out fast - cut seatbelt, or break window

Surely you can appreciate the fact all your USB powered devices can be charged with the 6-In-1.

But it's certainly not the only (or the best) way this tool will save your life.

If anyone knows about rescuing people from car accidents it's the guys down at the fire department.

Every year they help rescue 100s and 100s of people from the twisted wreckage of car accidents.

And many times they use an incredibly simple but effective tool to get accident victims out.

Because you might get in accident where the Fire Department doesn't show we included this tool directly inside your 6-in-1.

Glass breaker - one slight tap shatters auto glass.
Safe to touch on skin.

At the very end of the charger, right where you'll plug it into the cigarette lighter, is a precision glass breaker.

The reason we included this on the 6-In-1 is simple.

The glass in car glass is made to be so strong it won't break when hit hard.

In fact, it's so strong, that even super-strong muscle bound freaks can't break it with a kick or punch.

Sadly this means that every single year people die in their cars after they got in an accident and failed to escape through their car's windows.

Which is why we put this glass breaker on the end.

With the slightest bit of pressure the window breaker will shatter glass so you can make a quick escape.

If you were ever trapped in your car the glass breaker will help you make a hasty exit. Even if you were trapped underwater!

Considering Fire-Departments nationwide use them daily to save lives you can see how useful they'd be for you too.

Plus It Comes With Another Escape Tool...
An 88-Year-Old Arthritic Woman Could Use To Save A Life!

Look, car accidents don't treat their victims fairly.

A 20-year-old male who wrecks his car might have no trouble escaping before a fire burns his vehicle to the ground.

But that same accident could be more than enough to turn an 88-year-old grandmother into a pile of ash...

Cut seatbelt when trapped

This is why the 6-In-1 has a razor sharp seatbelt cutter built in.

According to independent research every single year as many as 100 people die when their seatbelts break and they get trapped in their car.

In many cases these victims never made it back to their families because they burned or drowned alive.

If you'd like to avoid that kind of a grisly fate, the seatbelt cutter will help.

Consider the seatbelt cutter an undercover survival knife.

So you won't accidentally cut yourself it sits safely inside the 6-In-1.

But when you need it this razor sharp blade will slice through seatbelts like a hot knife through butter.

It's so easy to use even an 88-year-old woman whose hands are locked up with arthritis will have no problem cutting a seatbelt with it.

Just place it on your seatbelt and tug lightly and it'll start to slice.

Helping free you from your accidental shackles.

It's Also Got A Built In NightTime Tactical Survival Tool
Specifically Made to Attract Rescue Helicopters

Let's be honest, getting out of a car after an accident is only one small piece of the survival pie.

What you do after you escape will determine whether you truly survive.

This is why the 6-In-1 also has a nighttime tactical tool built into it.

Bright flashlight with 3 modes

What you see right above the charging ports is a double duty 150 lumen flashlight/emergency signal light.

Not only is this bright flashlight perfect for helping you find things you may have accidentally dropped in the cabin of your car.

It's bright enough to help you see your way through dark and murky woods.

And it's dazzling light is so intense it will blind would-be attackers

Which makes it a great self-defense tool.

3 More Reasons To Love The 6-In-1

You already know the 6-In-1 is guaranteed to keep you from running out of battery at the worst time possible.

And you know it's the only phone charger that'll help you escape from a dangerous car accident.

Not to mention it doubles as a nighttime tactical tool.

But you ought to know there are actually more reasons to love the 6-In-1

Made with "Easy Carry": When we made the 6-In-1 we wanted to make sure of two things. The tool would be there when you need it, and that it would be easy to use and carry.

That's where "Easy Reach" comes in play. Since the 6-In-1 plugs right into your cigarette lighter it is in one of the easiest places to reach after an accident. Many other car survival tools are big and bulky and store in the glove compartment or dash. "Easy Reach" helps ensure you can reach the device when you need it.

We also designed the 6-In-1 to comfortably fit in your hand. Unlike bulky flashlights or boxy battery backups comfortably fit in your hand so you can carry it and use it for hours on end.

Lightweight And Small: We designed this tool with advanced materials that make it super light yet very strong. Considering the 6-in-1 only weighs 3.5 oz and 7 inches long you'll never know its in your car, bug out bag, or pocket.

Incredibly Versatile: Outside of having 5 different survival tools built in, the 6-In-1 is great at charing all kinds of devices. That's right, the 6-In-1 won't just charge'll charge tablets, cameras, GPS units and more!

Durable and Long-lasting: The 6-In-1 is one of those tools you can depend on, survival situation or not!

The flashlight will last 4 hours on 1 charge...the emergency strobe will last 10 hours...and the built in battery will give you a full phone charge while storing its charge for up to 6 months! Not to mention the strong plastic housing will stand up to all kinds of abuse.

And the #1 Reason To Own The 6-In-1?
It's A Great Value!

At the end of the day it's hard to put a price on saving your life or someone you love.

If you were to add up the total cost of all the tools found in the 6-In-1 it'd cost you a pretty penny.

Here's what you would expect to pay to get all the tools found in the 6-In-1.

That's a grand total of $104.85...which is a lot of money!

And not only would the cost of spending $105 dollars sting the wallet... having to carry 6 separate tools is a royal pain too.

The good news is because you're on this page you're going to save a boatload of cash on the 6-in-1.

On This Page Only
An Incredible Deal On The 6-In-1

As you learned at the beginning of this letter we're Survival Frog - the world's #1 Survival Company.

Our mission as we've served over 1,000,000 Americans in their quest to get prepared for the worst is simple.

Make preparing for the worst easy.

This is why we decided to create the 6-in-1.

Remember, if you were to buy all these tools on their own it would take $104.85 out of your pocket.

The good news is because we just launched this new product we're offering an amazing introductory price on it.

*** DISCLAIMER: This price is only available on this page. If you leave this page that price disappears.

When compared to buying all the tools separately that's a savings of over $80!

This is a tremendous deal and a great price for a charger/emergency tool.


We believe the 6-In-1 is one of the best emergency tools you could ever own. With the strobe, the glass breaker, the flashlight and the seatbelt cutter it's obviously going to help increase your odds of surviving a car accident.

But one thing it lacks is an ultra-loud emergency whistle... That's why with every 6-In-1 you buy we'll also include a FREE Micro Scream Whistle.

This super light whistle effortlessly hooks to a key ring...and though it's small it's SUPER loud.

Just one puff of air lets loose a piercing 100 DB shriek loud enough to wake the dead, let alone signal a rescuer.

For every 6-In-1 you'll get 1 Micro Scream Whistle...up to 10 FREE Whistles!


Not only will does every purchase of a 6-In-1 come with a FREE Micros Scream Whistle...

When you order three 6-In-1s or more you'll get a FREE pair of our emergency space blankets.

These incredible blankets keep you warm by reflecting 90% of your body heat back to you. Perfect in case you're ever in an accident when it's cold outside.

The more 6-in-1s you get the more FREE pairs of emergency space blankets you get.


To get everything you see on this page you must hurry.

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Your Satisfaction Is 100% Satisfied

We know you're going to love your Easy Power 6-in-1 Emergency Car Tool & Charger.

You can clearly see how the this tool could save your life in a crisis.

But, if for any reason you're not satisfied with your purchase your hard earned money is protected with our 100% "Extra American Guarantee."

Meaning...if you decide your 6-in-1 tool isn't going to stay in your survival kit, just send us an email any time in the next 6 months for a full, prompt refund.

That's all it takes to get your money back!

Plus, Easy Power 6-in-1 Emergency Car Tool & Charger is protected with a 3-year warranty.

If at any time tit isn't working the way you want it to just send it back in and we'll replace it for FREE!

That's fair, right?

To get everything Right Now just press the Big Orange Button.