Groundbreaking Study Confirms Without This Tool Society Would Crumble... And You Would Probably Die If SHTF

Not All Of These Tools Are Created Equal... So Read On To See How You Can Get The Right One

On March 3, 2006, Forbes magazine published a groundbreaking study analyzing the most important tools ever invented.

The award-winning business magazine consulted experts in human history and asked them a few simple questions.

They asked, "What tool was most important for human survival?" And, "If humanity started back at ground zero, what tool would we use to get back to where we are now?"

The surprising answer?

A Knife.

They ranked knives more important for survival than guns, a fire-starter, food and more.

But it's important to realize not all knives are created equal.

And in 2 seconds you're going to see why the world's #1 survival company just released a knife they claim is "a cut above the rest."

According to them, if you're interested in survival prepping, you absolutely must own this new knife.

Doesn't matter if you already own 50... or don't have a single one.

Introducing The Survival Neck Knife From Survival Frog

You may think getting a survival knife is as simple as heading down to Walmart and picking out any old knife from the glass display case.

Not true.

That isn't to say those knives are useless.

But they're not necessarily the best for a survival situation.

How can we be so sure?

We're Survival Frog, the largest survival company in the world. Over the past 8 years, we've helped more than 1 million Americans prepare for disaster.

In our effort to help so many people, we've reviewed tens of thousands of knives to find out which are the best and easiest to use in a survival situation.

Based on those reviews, we believe the Survival Neck Knife is one of the best knives you can own. Even if you already own a knife, you should carry an Survival Neck Knife.

Curious why?

Glad you asked. We're happy to show you all the unique reasons why the Survival Neck Knife should be in every prepper's bag.

Why The Survival Neck Knife Is Superior For Survival

Don't get us wrong. We're not suggesting you throw your knives away...

But you should add the Survival Neck Knife to your kit.

The truth is the Neck Knife outshines almost all other knives when it comes to survival

Here's how.

Compared - The Neck Knife Vs All Other Knives

The Survival Neck Knife is not the best knife in the world.

The "best knife" in the world doesn't exist.

However, if you want a dependable survival knife you can comfortably carry with you anywhere... and is guaranteed to work well in a crisis...

The Survival Neck Knife is one of the best for the job.

Take a look and see why it's better than pocket knives and other fixed blades.

The Survival Neck Knife Is Full Tang and Has No Major Weak Points

If you're going to trust your life to a knife, it has to be strong enough for the job.

That's why full tang fixed blades liked the Survival Neck Knife are great for survival...

It's also why many pocket knives are not. For those of you wondering why pocket knives aren't ideal for survival, it's simple.

Pocket knives have major weak points on their folding joints. These joints eventually break from hard use... making them useless in a crisis.

Just like a full-sized fixed blade, the Survival Neck Knife doesn't have structural weak points. It's made from one, solid piece of cold-forged steel. This full tang runs from tip to tail and will not break.

This rugged durability means you can really lean on the Survival Neck Knife as your go to blade in a crisis.

Because it's so durable, the Survival Neck Knife is also one of best knives for everyday carry.

And here's why it's better than traditional fixed blades.

It's light and compact, so it's much easier to carry and much easier to conceal than a full-size knife.

The Survival Neck Knife Has A Damn-Tough Blade

If you're ever caught in a crisis, the knife you carry needs to have a dependable blade. And you're sorely mistaken if you think a pocket knife blade is reliable in a crisis.

Take a look at a pocket knife blade compared to the Survival Neck Knife blade and you'll notice a major difference.

The Survival Neck Knife's blade is much thicker.

On average, the Survival Neck Knife's blade is 3-4x thicker than a standard pocket knife.

Most pocket knife blades are made extra thin to make them lighter.

Guess what. Saving weight at the expense of strength isn't going to do a lick of good in a crisis.

Fortunately, at 4mm thick, the Survival Neck Knife's blade is thick enough for batoning wood, skinning large game, use as a pry bar... and more.

Not to mention the Survival Neck Knife blade is made from one of the best metals around. The all 404c steel blade is as strong as Superman, so it'll stand up to years of abuse.

And while it's just as strong and tough as a regular fixed blade, it's smaller so it's easier to carry.

That's a huge advantage in a crisis. The less something weighs, the less tired you get carrying it around.

The Survival Neck Knife Doesn't Have These Common Knife Problems

One of the best reasons to choose the Survival Neck Knife is because it's easy to get to when you need it.

Whereas pocket knives and fixed blades aren't as easy to deploy.

Imagine carrying your pocket knife in your pocket.

If you need to get it quickly, you're out of luck. You could spend 5-10 seconds reaching around for it in your pocket - digging around through keys, gum, a phone, etc. - just to find your knife.

Not good in a crisis.

Fixed blades are just as challenging.

Imagine hiking in the woods and discovering you need your blade ASAP. Problem is you've stored it in your backpack.

You'll have to unbuckle all your bag snaps, shift the bag off your back and onto the ground and then hunt through pockets just to find your blade. Annoying.

The good news is deploying the Survival Neck Knife is easy and frustration free.

Since it hangs comfortably around your neck, all you do is grab the handle and pull down.

Your blade is ready to go in less than a second.

Sure beats spending 5-10 seconds searching for a pocket knife, or fumbling for a blade in a bag. You'll see why the Survival Neck Knife is superior in a crisis or self-defense situation.

Why The Survival Neck Knife Is Different And
Better Than All Other Neck Knives

Look, the Survival Neck Knife is not the only neck knife to choose from.

But it is the best Neck Knife for survival.


Because of the included survival sheath.

Includes survival sheath w/ fire starter, sharpener, compass and signaling mirror.

Most neck knives come with a simple sheath that does little more than hold the blade. The sheath on Survival Neck Knife comes complete with built-in survival tools.

  • Built-in compass and signalling mirror: Built into the case is a detachable compass, and on the reverse is a handy signal mirror. One can be used to help you find your way if you're lost and the other will help rescuers find you.

  • Complete with sharpening stones: No need to buy an extra knife sharpener. On one side of the sheath is a built-in sharpening rod that will easily turn a dull blade into a razor sharp edge.

  • Will start a fire: The other rod on the sheath is a magnesium fire-starter. Scrape the rear of the blade against the rod and a shower of 5,400° sparks will start a roaring fire instantly.

There isn't a single neck knife out there that does all this.

If you were stranded in the woods with nothing more than your neck knife, you'd have everything you need to survive...

Did You Know The Survival Neck Knife Goes Invisible Too?

The Survival Neck knife can be easily concealed, making it invisible to the naked eye.

This is a HUGE advantage over carrying the standard fixed blade in a sheath on the hip.

Hides under your shirt.

Just slip the survival lanyard over your neck and slide the Survival Neck Knife underneath your shirt and it's hidden from sight.

Doesn't that mean it'll be hard to grab if you need it in a jiffy?

Nope, just pull up on the lanyard and the Survival Neck Knife will slide out from behind your shirt.

Ready to do whatever you need.

Truth is there is no better knife for concealed carry.

Not to mention that it's extremely comfortable to wear.

At just 3.2 oz. in total weight, you'll barely notice you're carrying this featherweight knife.

What more could you ask for?

Oh, yeah, this...

OOPS, We Forgot To Mention One VERY Important Feature

2.5" Tanto point blade.

At the end of the day, a knife has to be sharp to be functional.

For everyday carry, it needs to be sharp enough to take care of any job you put in its path.

And if you plan on using it for self-defense, your blade needs to be sharp enough to kill.

Good news is the 440c stainless steel blade is just as sharp as knives that cost $200+.

Not only is it sharp, the 2.5" tanto point handles like a dream.

The blade is nimble, great for finer cutting projects, yet long enough to take care of bigger tasks like carving, skinning, and more.

440c stainless steel blade.

Honestly, there is nothing more satisfying to a knife owner than knowing that with a light amount of pressure, their knife's shockingly sharp blade will split open the toughest material.

Whether that's animal hide or sheet metal.

And as we've proven in testing, the Survival Neck Knife is sharp enough to handle it all.

More Strange Reasons To Get A Survival Neck Knife

As you'll see, the Survival Neck Knife really is the most versatile knife you can own.

But there are actually more reasons the Survival Neck Knife is the perfect survival blade.

  • No pants, no problem: Not everyone wears pants. What if you're a woman who likes dresses and also wants to to carry a knife? The neck knife is the perfect solution since it doesn't need to go in pockets or on belts.

    Imagine you're on the river, it's hot, and the only thing you plan on wearing for the next few days are swim trunks. Again, wearing the neck knife solves that problem and ensures you've got a knife...even if you've got no pants to secure them to.

  • Won't choke you to death: Since the neck knife goes around your neck, the last thing you want is for your lanyard to choke you in a crisis.

    The ball-lanyard is secure enough to hold your knife in place when you need it, but in case it's ever caught around your neck, it will break away so it won't choke you to death.

  • Offers additional carrying options: Don't want to carry the Survival Neck Knife around your neck? No problem. The Survival Neck Knife's sheath has several tactical mounting options. Using the sheath's 5 metal grommet holes, you can mount it to a vest, bag, jacket and more.

  • Won't accidentally kill you: A common fear with neck knives is you could accidentally stab yourself with them.

    Thankfully, the Survival Neck Knife locks firmly into the rigid sheath.

This way, it can't come loose and accidentally stab you.

AND...The #1 Reason To Own The Neck Knife

Look, we know that many of you looking at the Survival Neck Knife already own a blade or two.

And even though we believe the Survival Neck Knife is the ideal survival knife, we wanted to make sure you could justify the expense of getting another blade...

Competitors charge as much as $90 for their neck knives.

Only $19.97

And theirs don't even come with an awesome, protective survival sheath with built-in tools.

But you won't pay $90 for the Survival Neck Knife.

You won't even pay half that.

As the #1 survival company in the world, we have extensive connections with manufacturers.

So we've been we're able to source the Survival Neck Knife at a great price and we're happy to pass those savings onto you.

On this page you can pick up the Survival Neck Knife for the low price of $19.97.

That's an incredible price when you consider you're not just getting an amazing knife...

You're also getting a knife sharpener, a fire starter, a compass and an emergency signal mirror.

That's a great deal, and let's be honest, you know you need another knife. So go ahead and Click the Big Orange Button and get your Survival Neck Knife today.


With the holidays coming up, why not get an extra Survival Neck Knife or two for those you love?

To make the holidays even sweeter, we're going to do something extra special for you.

Anyone who orders 3 or more Neck Knives will get a FREE 12-in-1 Paracord Survival Bracelet with their order (normally $14.99 in our store).

Made from 9 feet of paracord, they're like mini survival kits for your wrist.

Each bracelet includes the following built-in tools:

Free Bonus Gift

  • 1 Fire starter

  • 1 free-float compass

  • 1 Recuse whistle

  • 2 Fishing hooks

  • 2 Lures

  • 1 Piece of fire tinder

  • 2 Swivels

  • 2 Fishing Weights

They're one size fits all, so they're perfect to give to friends and relatives.

Every order of 3 Survival Neck Knives comes with one FREE bracelet.

The more Neck Knives you get, the more FREE bracelets you get.


We want to help you save money this holiday season.

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Your Order Is Protected With a 100% Money Back Guarantee

We know you're going to love the Survival Neck Knife.

You can clearly see why this knife is essential for survival.

However, if for any reason you're not satisfied with your purchase of the Survival Neck Knife, your hard earned money is protected with our 100% "Ultra American Guarantee.'

Meaning...if you decide the Survival Neck Knife isn't for you, just send us an email any time in the next 6 months for a full, prompt refund.

That's all it takes to get your money back!

Plus, the Survival Neck Knife is protected with a 3-year warranty. If at any time it isn't working the way you want, just send it back.

That's fair, isn't it?

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